80's and 90's Best Collection of Wisdom Obiajulu- Fashion Style Blogger

Wisdom Obiajulu Onyemize- Nigerian Fashion Style Blogger

I am Wisdom Obiajulu onyemize. I was born in Lagos Nigeria where I grew up until the age of 13, then I relocated to the united states where I at present dwell.

My affection for design is past one expression, it's formed into a way of life of mine. However, entertaining as it sounds I have a tendency to not have a specific fashionista that I admire, this is on the grounds that I need to stay unique. I need to be recognized as design.

My accumulation is called "LaGoat" signifying "The Greatest ever". It represents the wistfulness for the swagger and style of the late 80s which is imaginatively joined with the intense and remarkable patterns from the 90s. The combination of mold and style from both times births my own particular style.

To fulfill my style, I visit both urban and nuts and bolts divisions. By and large, my style, similar to that of Gap, H&M, urban supplier, old naval force, is a harmony amongst easy and cleaned.

The following are pictures from my LaGoat collection:

What's more, concerning the Nigerian Fashion and Styles industry, it has astonished me with its style, inventiveness, extravagance and effortlessness hitherto. Truly, in the following 10 years I see Nigerian mold being disparaged everywhere throughout the world and that is one of my objectives, to ensure we are being perceived and I would add to the eventual fate of Nigerian form.
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