Amaechi Accuses, Umana bribed me –Justice John Inyang Okoro

Former Rivers State Governor: Gov. Amaechi Accuses Umana

One of the arrested Justices of the Supreme Court by the Department of State Security Service (DSS), Justice John Iyang Okoro has written to the National Judicial Council (NJC) where he indicted former governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi and the All Progressives Congress (APC) 2015 governorship candidate in Akwa Ibom State, Umana Umana for offering him bribe to get favourable judgment.

Clarifying the conditions that prompted his travails, Justice Okoro said at the time he composed the answer to the CJN, the DSS had not went up against him with any appeal to or grievance from any quarters at all.

"They flame broiled me, made inquiries on some non-existing properties around the nation. They additionally questioned the age of my youngsters asserting that they are little children. This is pitiful and mind blowing."

My Lord, I emphatically trust that my travail is not detached with the verbal report I made on the main visit to my official habitation by Amaechi in February, 2016. In that report, I told My Lord that Amaechi said the president of Nigeria and the APC ordered him to advise me that they should win their Election Appeals in regard of Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Abia states no matter what. For Akwa Ibom State, he affirmed that he supported Umana for that race and that in the event that he lost the Akwa Ibom claim, he would have lost a fortune.

"Amaechi additionally said he had as of now went by you and that you had consented to make me an individual from the board that would hear the offers. He advance let me know that Umana would pay me a great many naira, month to month, on the off chance that I co-worked with them. My reaction, as I let you know on that date was that it doesn't exist in my energy to give his demand and that I would do all inside my energy not to be on the board for Akwa Ibom state.

"My Lord thoughtfully left me out of the board for Akwa Ibom State. That in any case, the APC in Akwa Ibom lost the advance at the Supreme Court and trusted that my nearness in the Supreme Court made them lose the advance.

"Might I be able to have surrendered from the Supreme Court just on the grounds that individuals of Akwa Ibom had a matter before it?"

Not done yet, Justice Okoro likewise described how agents of the Department of State Security (DSS) masked as authorities from the Presidency to bait him out of his home.

"I got a telephone call from a new guest. He presented himself as an authority from the Presidency. He let me know he had a letter for me from Mr. President. I promptly left my study room and went to open the entryway. Upon the entryway being opened, l saw such a variety of vigorously equipped men with an engraving "DSS" on their uniform. One of them, who was in mufti let me know they were to seek my home.

"I asked for that I be permitted to illuminate the CJN at the same time, they repelled (me). Or maybe, they grabbed my telephone from me.

"My Lord, the DSS agents looked every one of the rooms in the house fastidiously. They additionally looked the Boy's quarters and my official vehicles stopped outside. Toward the end of the pursuit, which endured till around 1.30am of October 8, 2016, they took away the accompanying things: One iPad 2; Three telephones (stand out dynamic); $38,800; N3.5 million just and four check books.

"The above things were reported on the final page of the court order they delivered and we marked. Additionally, the DSS agents educated me that their Director-General, Lawal Daura needed to see me that night.

"I asked for to visit their office upon the break of the day be that as it may, they cannot. In perspective of the nearness of the intensely furnished men who went with them and who were guiding their firearm at me from all edges, I had no way out than toward tail them to their office that night. I was confined in their office till Sunday, October 9, 2016 and upon your Lordship's intercession that Sunday, they discharged me at night of that Sunday. My Lord, I saw that they additionally brought other legal officers serving and resigned to their office. In this way, before discharging us, they requesting that I create an impression concerning the cash found in my home. I let them know that I got $1,000 and £10,000 a year for as far back as three years of my visit in this court as yearly therapeutic/get-away recompenses and having not spent more than £5,000 on each of three treks I have so far made abroad, I was qualified for have more than the sum recuperated from me. Put in an unexpected way, My Lord, the cash was the adjust of my estacode got from this court for as far back as three years. This is entirely outside the estacodes I have gotten for the International Conferences I have so far gone to since joining the seat of this court

"My Lord will review that I likewise reported that Umana went to my living arrangement before Amaechi's visit. He likewise made similar demand of help to win his allure at the preeminent Court. My Lord, up till now, I don't comprehend what I have done. Throughout the years, from the Magistracy till date, I have done my best to shun allforms of degenerate practices."

Equity Okoro demanded in the letter to the NJC that in every one of his years of practice, he has never requested nor gotten pay off from anyone. "I have not got any reward from anyone. My Lord is entirely mindful of my position as respects the individuals who take pay off in the legal. I despise it and have no space for any modification. That is reality, My Lord and I encourage the NJC to carelessness every one of the untruths and media battle coordinated by the individuals who felt I intentionally declined to help them win their decision advances at the Supreme Court.

"I am certain that God will vindicate me toward the end of this ordeal."I take it as a transitory set-back. I stay faithful to my pledge of office and the should be just and reasonable in taking care of matters before me. My Lord, a debt of gratitude is in order for your kind consideration. If it's not too much trouble acknowledge my affirmations of the most elevated respects."

Be that as it may, Amaechi, through his Media Office, yesterday night, discredited Justice Okoro's cases.

He said the judge's charges were just the result of a rich personality.

"This allegation from Justice Okoro is a fantasy of his creative ability; prepared to jumble and politicize the main problem for his capture and DSS examination of charges of debasement against him."

The cases by Justice Okoro are unmitigated falsehoods, dispossessed of any particle of truth or even rationale. Amaechi did not and has never drawn closer him in regard of the cases he said or whatever other case.

"This is a shabby endeavor, but political move to drag the name of Amaechi into something he doesn't know anything about. Equity Okoro ought to face his issues and let Amaechi well enough alone. He will get notification from our legal counselors."

In the interim, another Justice of the Federal High Court, Musa Haruna Kurya was at the Lagos office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to respect its welcome on an on-going examination. He reported at the commission's workplaces at 10:00am, yesterday.

However, his associate, Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia professedly disregarded the EFCC's welcome. The NJC had put Ofili-Ajumogbobia on its "watch-list" and had banned her from being hoisted from her present position, attributable to gross unfortunate behavior.

Kurya, joined by his legal counselor, was gone to by the agents of the commission on landing.

Be that as it may, Ofilli-Ajumogobia, who was likewise expected to be at the commission's office on a comparable welcome, shamed the call and declined to appear by any stretch of the imagination.

On Monday, two Federal High Court judges, Mohammed Nasir Yunusa and Nganjiwa Hyledzira, answered to the EFCC where they were tested for a considerable length of time.
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