Fani Kayode: President Can't Islamize Nigeria Because of Donald Trump

Trump,Buhari,Fani Kayode
Trump, Buhari and Fani Kayode
In spite of the fact that somewhat tardy, I thus salute President-elect Donald Trump on a brilliant triumph at the elections in America and I wish him well.

I have been an impassioned supporter of a Trump administration throughout the previous one year and I composed two papers anticipating his triumph and expressing the reasons why I bolstered him amid the primaries and before the race individually. All the more significantly, the decision of Trump was a satisfaction of prescience.

His climb to power was moved by a compel and power that is not of this world and that essentially can't be opposed by any individual or otherworldly intrigue.

Essentially put the Lord Himself raised and arranged Trump and He will utilize him to convey radiance to His name, to impact His motivation and to set up His advice and will in the United States of America and surely the whole free world.

Above all I commend the way that with His child and worker Donald J. Trump in the seat, God Himself will be back in the White House and great antiquated Christian qualities will by and by be esteemed and upheld by the pioneer of the pioneer of the free world and the most intense man on earth. In the event that I can state that I had no less than one lovely minute in the most recent three weeks amid my unlawful imprisonment by the EFCC this was it.

As the news sifted into the underground cells that Trump had won I yelled "acclaim the Lord" as loud as possible to the express awe and mortification of my cell-mates and the cell-monitors. At last let it be plainly comprehended that the ramifications of a Trump administration for Nigeria are expansive and undeniable. T

Those that came to power a year ago on the mantle of Islamic mastery, religious narrow mindedness and racial separation and that upheld the most ghastly type of ethnic dogmatism and religious devotion surely have a considerable measure of soul-looking to do in light of the fact that there companions in the Obama White House are headed out and their dear Hilary is not coming into supplant him. I guarantee you that President Donald Trump, who I have known and concentrated nearly for a long time, will actually give them hell fire.

Not just will he oppose their consistent and gross infringement of human rights and common freedoms yet he will likewise convey them to equity for their standard utilization of genocide against religious and ethnic minorities in our nation.

He will likewise face their concealed motivation to Islamize Nigeria and transform us into a country of ethnic and religious vassals that must bow before President Muhammadu Buhari and his family.

For those that use political power in Nigeria and for the little intrigue of ethnic hegemonists, "destined to control" irredentists and religious dogmatists that run the undertakings of our country, the written work is on the divider.

Their days are numbered in light of the fact that those that place them in power from America have themselves been disgraced and expelled from power by the Living God. In the following couple of years many changes will happen in governmental issues all through the world as the strengths of Christendom and conservative patriotism ride on the peak of a rising tide and a lovely wave

Nothing will have the capacity to stop the irresistible and honorable mission for self-assurance and the string of old social identities everywhere throughout the world in the following couple of months which has come as an outcome of the Trump triumph. It began with Brexit in the United Kingdom and the ascent of conservative and ultra patriot political gatherings like Marie Le Pen's National Front in France, Italy, Holland and Germany. It has now finished in a Trump triumph in the United States of America.

All through the world there is another, solid and rising tide of impervious to legislative oppression, the spread of political accuracy, the inconvenience of outside and outsider values, the foundation of state-supported subjugation, the advancement of against Judeo-Christian theories, the authorization of religious fanaticism and bondage, the spoiling and settlement of radical Islam and dread and the concealment of ethnic and religious minorities. We in Nigeria won't be forgotten.

The ideal opportunity for our last liberation and changeless freedom from the agents of Satan on earth, the strengths of obscurity and our interior frontier experts are within reach. Opportunity coaxes and enormity calls each one of the individuals who set out to accept and who are sufficiently valiant to damn the results and take it. On the off chance that Trump can turn the tide and the tables in America then we, by the finesse of God, can likewise do it here.
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