National Association of Catholic Lawyers is a Judicial Fraud To Discharge Them

Catholic Lawyers Disagrees With Kano
National Association of Catholic

The National Association of Catholic lawyers has described the decision of Kano state magistrate’s court to discharged allegedly killers of Mrs Bridget Agbahime a judicial fraud.

74-year-old Bridget Agbahime was murdered for blasphemy in Kano because she reportedly refused to allow a Muslim man perform ablution in front of her shop.

The five suspects charged with her killings were, however, discharged in October last year by the chief magistrate, Mr Muhammed Jibril, who tried the case.

According to Punch, the magistrate Muhammed Jubril's ruling was as a result of a legal advice he received from the Kano state attorney general and Commissioner for Justice, stating that the suspects were innocent and had no case to answer.

While addressing journalists in Lagos on Friday, December 30, 2016, the Lagos Archdiocese of National Association of Catholic Lawyers said it found the decision of the court disturbing and saddening.

“For us, this turn of events is a judicial fraud and is unacceptable. We hereby demand justice for the family of this innocent woman, whose only offence was that she was a Christian.

“The Federal Government, working with the Kano state government must reopen the case, fish out the culprits and ensure that they are tried in accordance with the laws of the land.”

In a statement signed by the association president, Mrs Geraldine Wey and Chairman of the Advocacy Committee, Mr. Mathew Egbadon, the association said: “This would serve as a deterrent to others who would like to commit murder in the name of religion.”

The Catholic lawyers also rejected the new curriculum by the federal government, seeking to unify Christian Religious Studies and Islam Religious Studies for all pupils from primary 1 to JSS 3.

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