#InsecureHBO: [Video] Season 4 Ep 1 (Download): Issa is a bae, Fans Says

#InsecureHBO: [Video] Season 4 Review

Fan review about #InsecureHBO Season 4:

Issa has found her niche and I’m here for it! Seeing the chemistry between the leading cast and other cast members is amazing. Everything is organically driven to place you right there in every scene. Congrats to the Insecure cast for Blessing us with another phenomenal season!

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I watched all 3 seasons in… one week!

I love the music and the whole concept! I love this show so much! Issa is so funny and so is her entire cast. I love her relationship with Daniel – I hope he stays for good on the show and she ends up with him….

I cannot stand her dating NATHAN! ugh jerk
I like her with Lawrence but she has clearly out grew him
I love love love Daniel with her, but Issa has no clue and keeps messing up a GREAT thing
Last episode of season 3 was a shocker like seriously Lawrence – he’s dating that girl who is helping Issa with her bloc party
I love the last episode of season 3 when she is getting her place all ready for her new beginnings – it looks so much like her living and creating herself into a better self

I love this show soOoOOoo much – it reminds me a lot about myself finding ‘the one’. The endless relationships I remember being ‘ghosted’ but back then it wasn’t coined into a term. It is a sucky feeling and also being led on – this show is the best. I hope Issa finds her love and her passions.

SO HAPPY there will be a season 4

What do you think will happen in season 4? 

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