Sex Scandal in Kaduna State, Man Exposed

Kaduna State Commissioner Exposes Man Having Sex With A Minor

Resolved to secure minors over the state, Hajiya Hafsat Mohammed Baba, Commissioner of Human Services and Social Development in Kaduna state has said that anybody discovered disregarding minors in the state would not be saved by government.

The chief who was likewise individual from the Human Capital Development Council gave a clear portrayal of how she took care of a tuition based school owner in the state who had admitted to engaging in sexual relations with a student in his school and her natural mother.

“So if individuals realize that we have a law set up., there is no how they ought not regard that law.

Mr Samuel is an owner of a school where you discover youngsters there. I’ve seen that there is crèche for babies nursery, essential and auxiliary both junior and senior. Be that as it may, as an owner, he is likewise a dad. He is additionally expected to secure these youngsters. Tragically, there was worry from certain associations that sent a letter.”

“That Samuel had disregarded an offspring of 9 years… .I currently sent the letter to the Civil Defense Corps to check since we have a youngster insurance work area official there. Examination was completed, Samuel was welcomed and he admitted to the charges. He even composed an announcement.”

“He said he was searching for settlement… .he offered to make due with 750,000 however in the end he was expecting N350.000… .. so on the off chance that you didn’t do this act,why would you say you are searching for settlement?”

“At the point when I knew about settlement,I became upset in light of the fact that even the mother of the youngster consented to the settlement… … and he has begun paying.”

” I presently chose to welcome Samuel to my office and discover what was happening… really I got the report from Civil Defense including the emergency clinic report… from rape referral focus from Gwamna Awan Hospital Kakuri.”

“I welcomed Samuel for a gathering, he came and revealed to me he knows the girl,normally picks her from home… he said he realizes the mother..I asked how… ? He said he has been laying down with the mother… .and that mother has 4 youngsters.”

“I said how might you lay down with the mother and afterward damage the kid ? I said for the mother you are on the whole grown-ups yet absolutely not the youngster.”

“He presently took a gander at me and said,” if you don’t mind Hajiya make we settle. I’m prepared to pay.”

“It was the best affront… I said do I appear as though someone who will settle with you when you disregard a kid? I currently called them to rearrest him since he was discharged on bail.”

“I composed a report to the Ministry of Justice so they will proceed with arraignment.

I cautioned guardians to be cautious with their youngsters… .might be that was not the first time,if we keep on researching we may discover more.The security officials ought to explore further to truly see whether there are other kids.”

” In Kaduna … .the security of youngsters in Kaduna state is of fundamental significance .”

“Samuel is still under detainment .We have over a hundred of such cases .in the court… .infringement of minors … .a year ago we had 621 infringement that do exclude the Local Governments… the figures are not looking acceptable… ..we are working eagerly to guarantee equity for all.”

On why the Liberation College was wrecked, she stated, “for us as government we are searching for the government assistance and assurance of youngsters… ..that is the reason the school building was crushed.”

“Does he by any chance has the structure license?”

She said different structures may likewise be obliterated for asserted dealing of youngsters.

Remarking on the appropriation of palliatives by the state gives she clarified that “I’m responsible for Kaduna North,Kaduna North has been separated into 10 bunches.”